• Big data platform for vehicle networking

    Big data platform for vehicle networking

    Our company's vehicle networking big data platform, China Dynamics Cloud Platform and remote intelligent control terminal are the first batches in China that have passed the National New Energy Monitoring platform and the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. Recently, we joined the China National New Energy Big Data Alliance as a founding member.

  • Development of core components

    Development of core components

    China Dynamics has a well-established technology development process and service system, with a complete vehicle controller development platform. It covers system design and simulation, algorithm development and rapid prototyping verification, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, testing and calibration at all stages, forming a complete model-based vehicle power system development process and development capabilities, with the ability to provide first-class automotive electronic control engineering consulting services.

  • Development and Design of new energy vehicles

    Development and Design of new energy vehicles

    Equipped with international advanced development tools, software and hardware platform, our new energy vehicle development safety management process strictly adhere to ISO26262 international standard. Currently we have completed the 15kw-120kw electric drivetrain platform, the 15kw-60kw electric system platform development, car networking big data platform and other fundamental platforms. Also, we have built a series of electric vehicles including two small passenger cars, logistics vehicles, commercial vehicles, city buses, long-distance commuter vehicles, etc. Nine of the ten models of pure electric vehicles developed have been publicly announced in the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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