Core Components Development

Core components development includes:

Platform electro-electronic system

Hardware development

Basic software development

According to customer requirements, we can provide the following services:

Customized/modified operating system (OS), Storage (EEPROM), Calibration Protocol (CCP) and other basic software modules;

Customized BootLoader service (compliant to ISO-15765);

Customized diagnostics service (compliant to ISO-15765);

Customized chip driver function packaged as Matlab/Simulink Lib module library

Customized manual C language Matlab/Simulink power module to achieve a Matlab/Simulink environment of one-click code generation, compilation, link, download and so on

 Customized Matlab/Simulink auxiliary modeling tools;

 Help customers achieve model platform switching, such as Simulink, Motohawk.

Current developed core components include;


Suitable for whole vehicle controller of 12V/24 pure electric power, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell hybrid vehicle.


Developed a number of rated 15KW-12KW motor controller, the control object covers three-phase asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor to meet the requirements of various electrical system platform.

3.Multi auxiliary control

Intelligent Remote Vehicle Control terminal with online real-time battery monitoring and management system (in research)