Big Data Platform for Vehicle Networking

Since its entry into the new energy vehicle industry in 2014, China Dynamics actively been developing electric drivetrain technology, vehicle networking technology, intelligent driving technology and car body lightweight technology, vehicle networking big data platform, cloud platform and remote intelligent control terminal as the field leaders recognized by the National New Energy Monitoring platform and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute. Currently we are one of the founding members to join the new energy Big Data Alliance of China.

Provide customers with vehicle networking related package solutions

1. New Energy vehicle monitoring platform for all government levels

2. Time-sharing leasing solution for passenger cars

3. Enterprise vehicle networking solution

4. Bus company total management scheduling scheme

5. Smart charging station solution management plan

Big Data Platform Architecture for Vehicle Networking

Big Data Platform Architecture for Vehicle Networking

Main Features

In order to link new energy vehicle main features to online big data monitoring and control optimization service, China Dynamics aims to source locally to serve globally. In order to meet different operating conditions, road conditions and climate conditions, through remote monitoring, real-time collection of working conditions, climate, road conditions, vehicle information, electrical parts system information, China Dynamics cloud big data intelligent algorithm is capable of on-line control optimization and management. We are able to determine the possible life span and breakdown of parts which will greatly reduce the failure rate and operation cost, providing a lot of data support for future development. Furthermore, this actively promotes intelligent driving technology, paving the way for autonomous driving and intelligent transportation system.



Data management

Basic management