• Guangxi

At present, the main development is in Henghsien County glauberite mine sodium sulfate production line project. The sodium sulfate industry is extensive with wide applications, from daily necessities to aviation defense technology usages in vast quantities.

Our products can be categorized into two major groups;

The first category is salt for the chemical industry, including sodium sulfate, sodium sulfide, barium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other chemical raw materials, with sodium sulfate as the main product. The others such as sodium sulfide, barium sulfate and magnesium sulfate, require further processing.
The second category is daily detergents, including washing powder, soap, washing up liquid, toothpaste and so on.

Apart from traditional chemical industry usage, sodium sulfate can be used in many other applications. Our company also produce different types of sodium sulfate for feed and medicinal usage. Special types of sodium sulfate include superfine, neutral, large grain, multicolored, feed grade, medicinal, high purity and so on.

Henghsien glauberite mine has a proven reserve of 526.77 million tons, with Na2SO4 content being 98.62 million tons, which is considered as a large mine. Since then, the company began drilling again, and according to an assessment made by Australian Mining Consultant SRK, it has been confirmed that the mine reserves have exceeded 526.77 million tons. The company has completed all the necessary preliminary work including environmental impact assessment and also obtained a mining license for glauberite (Certificate no: C4500002011076210115236) issued by Guangxi Department of Land and Resources. The company plans to invest 420 million yuan into this project. From a mining area of 543 acres, it aims to extract 4.3 million tons of glauberite with an annual output of 500,000 tons of sodium sulfate.

    • Chile

Since 2005, the company has continually obtained mining rights to extract an area of 173.84 square kilometers at a region 50 km from the region capital Copiapo in Chile. In recent years, through the exploration of some areas (about 28 sq km) and the verification of multiple drillings of length exceeding 10,000 meters, 160,000 tons of copper oxide ore was obtained. After further testing of the copper oxide ores, it was concluded that the leaching effect of oxidized copper ores in mining area is good, with ratio over 82% and low acidity. The leaching test and the report was issued by Copiapo mine in Chile and have good leaching property of oxidized ore.