YST5030XXYBEV 3.0T Pure Electric Logistics vehicle

Product Features:

Product Features: Suitong brand 3.0T pure electric logistics vehicle, model no. YST5030XXYBEV, is a new product self-developed by Dongguan R&D Center. This vehicle uses a patented modular controller electric system platform (4-in-1 auxiliary control, drive controller, vehicle terminal and vehicle controller). To maximize driving comfort, the vehicle is equipped with advanced vehicle integrated sensing technology, vehicle networking and intelligent application technology, stamp welding integral rear axle, 95/70 R15 tyres, electric power steering system, hydraulic dual circuit and ABS system, and parking brake system. Built with a total capacity of 50.8kWh, the vehicle has a continuous driving range of over 256km. This vehicle has light weight and low power consumption advantages.